Where Do Refurbished Electronics Come From?

Where Do Refurbished Electronics Come From?

Gaurav Nagpal |

Did you ever wonder where refurbished electronics come from? 

There’s a big difference between buying something that’s new and buying something that’s already been used. Many people prefer to buy new electronics, but they can be quite pricey. Refurbished electronics are a great alternative, but they aren’t exactly the same as buying used. 


Refurbished electronics have been renewed or updated so that they’re fully functional, so you shouldn’t ever end up with a lemon when you’re buying refurbished. Consequently, it’s very important that you purchase refurbished electronics from a reputable reseller such as Wisetek Store. 


Below are some of the most common sources of refurbished electronics on the market today: 


Damaged Electronics 

If an individual or business has devices that are no longer working, either due to a fault or defect or from excessive wear and tear, the device may be sold at a steep discount to a Refurbisher. These types of electronics may only require a simple part or component replacement, such as swapping out a laptop display screen or removing faulty RAM, for example. Other times, multiple components may need to be replaced to make the device functional again. 


Electronics that have been damaged or that are no longer working quite often can be refurbished, but the buyer should be made aware of the device’s condition before making the purchase. Wisetek Store’s Conditions Guide can help give you a better idea of the product so that you can make an informed purchase. 


Sometimes, old or unused electronics are donated to charitable organisations who in turn may refurbish the device or recycle it, depending on its condition and the cost of replacement components and labour. 

In terms of condition, donated electronics can vary quite a bit from perfectly usable electronics to devices that no longer work. 


Second-Hand Electronics 

Second-hand, used electronics may or may not be refurbished. A used laptop, for example, might be sold on a private marketplace like Facebook Marketplace at a discount, but it might be difficult to know the true condition of the device until it’s too late. 

If the device is listed as refurbished, you simply have to take it on good faith that the device has indeed been refurbished and works properly. For many conscious consumers, that isn’t good enough, which is why it’s recommended to purchase refurbished electronics directly from the manufacturer or from a reputable reseller such as Wisetek Store. 

Unopened Electronics 

Sometimes, electronics are listed as refurbished even if they’re essentially brand new. This can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, poor handling of a brand new laptop can lead to damaged packaging, so although the device may be in perfectly good (and new) condition, the packaging needs to be replaced. 

For all intents and purposes, these types of electronics are completely new but cannot be sold as ‘new’ so instead they are listed as refurbished unopened. Wisetek Store carries products that are listed as new (absolutely new, never been opened) and ‘new in open box’ (manufacturer’s seal has been broken on the package and has been opened). 


Where do Refurbished Electronics at Wisetek Store Come From? 

Refurbished electronics available at Wisetek Store come from multiple sources as listed above, in conditions ranging from ‘good’ to ‘new’. Most of the electronics available at Wisetek Store come from business applications. Organisations that need to dispose of redundant IT assets consult Wisetek, a global leader in IT asset disposition services, in order to sustainably dispose of various electronic devices. 


Devices that can be refurbished are processed by Wisetek Store and sold to the private market, many of which are in excellent condition and are 100% sustainable. Those that cannot be refurbished are recycled in order to fulfil Wisetek’s commitment to a Zero-Landfill Policy. 

Purchase Sustainable and High-Quality Refurbished Electronics at Wisetek Store 

Wisetek Store is your ideal choice to find high-quality, ‘as new’ monitors, desktop computers, laptops, and accessories at superb discounts ranging from around 50-80% when compared to buying brand new. 


Rest assured that all products are professionally refurbished and backed by our free 12-month warranty. 


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