Refurbished devices: Wisetek Store's five different categories

Refurbished devices: Wisetek Store's five different categories

Gaurav Nagpal |

In this post, we’re taking a look at the five different categories that we use for our professionally refurbished electronic devices.

This applies to all electronic devices that Wisetek Store sells such as phones, laptops, PCs, tablets among other items.

And remember – a refurbished device is different to a used or second-hand device. Only established traders with the professional experience to test and replace parts can call their electronic goods refurbished.

So, here are our categories:

1. New
You might be surprised to see new as a category, but we do sell new items. Typically, such devices have been purchased but not actually used. They are unmarked and are still in their original, sealed boxes.

2. New in Open Box
This category is as new as you can get, without being new. Although the device may not be in its original packaging, a device that is 'New in Open Box' has never been used. 

3. Excellent
An ‘excellent’ device is one that is used without any physical signs of use. A person may have opened it, used it briefly, but for all intents and purposes, it’s pretty much new.

4. Very Good
Devices in ‘very good’ condition are exactly that: they work well and will give you a solid and reliable performance, but will have a number of marks, chips or scratches.

Such marks will reveal themselves on closer inspection yet the overall impression is that the device is second-hand but relatively new.

5. Good
Our lowest category, ‘good’ devices will look second-hand and show their age and/use.

Please remember - regardless of the category, all our devices have been tested, cleaned of their data, reset to the factory settings and is guaranteed for 12 months.