Cyber Security: Our Refurbished Digital Devices are 100% Secure

Cyber Security: Our Refurbished Digital Devices are 100% Secure

Gaurav Nagpal |

With our products, you can have absolute confidence that your refurbished device is as secure as one bought straight from the manufacturer.

While we are living in an age of great technological advancement, it also brings with it a certain amount of fear. Rarely does a day go by without us hearing about a cyberattack or how hackers have managed to compromise a specific institution.

And it’s not just large organisations that are being attacked. There are many anecdotes about how individuals have been targeted by misleading emails or have been tricked into downloading malware. Such malware can lead to cybercriminals scanning your device for banking and other valuable and vulnerable data.

Refurbished – Not Second Hand

When you buy a brand-new device, you can be confident that its ‘factory settings’ do not contain any malware that is lurking in the background waiting to compromise your data. And let’s imagine it did, such would be the outcry, manufacturers would surely compensate their unfortunate customers.

From this perspective, it looks like buying a brand-new device is a safer option. But is this really the case?

Not so! With refurbished devices, there’s a misconception that just because the device has been used before, it may be less secure than its new counterpart. 

While this might be the case if you bought a smartphone from a private seller on an online auction site or in a pawn shop, it’s certainly not the case when it comes to a professionally refurbished device.

In fact, we’re 100% certain that our refurbished devices are not only as secure as a new device, but most likely more secure. 

Why are we so sure? 

Because Wisetek Store is part of Wisetek and we have over a decade of sanitising devices for our Fortune 500 customers around the world. 

What is Secure Sanitisation?

Once we decide that a device is worthy of refurbishment, after it has been tested and parts replaced, we erase all software that may exist on it. People often think that a simple ‘factory reset’ is required to restore a device back to its original state; in practice, however, malware can still exist on a device despite invoking this step.

According to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, ‘If the device has been infected with malware, running an antivirus scan or deleting the app causing the infection might not be enough to completely remove the infection.’

That’s why we don’t just erase data, we sanities the entire device. With our sanitisation process, we have the ability to remove data and malware from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs.

Once we’ve completely sanitised a device, we reinstall the original software/operating system (Android, Apple, etc.) which will give you the same experience as if the device were brand new.

100% Secure

When we refurbish a device, we refurbish every part of the device from its physical parts and hardware to the software and operating system. As we wipe all data, you can rest assured that your refurbished device is 100% secure and ready for your digital journey.