Refurbished Dell Laptops

Looking for an affordable refurbished Dell laptop in Ireland? Wisetek Market EU has a wide selection of high-quality, as-new refurbished laptops from a wide variety of manufacturers, including refurbished Dell laptops.

Browse our selection of refurbished Dell laptops and shop with the full confidence of our products, which come with a 12-month warranty, are 100% sustainable, and can save you up to 50% off the retail price of a brand new Dell laptop in Ireland.

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Why Choose a Dell Refurbished Laptop?

As a longstanding, trustworthy brand, Dell has been a favourite for many consumers. Dell laptops generally rate well in terms of durability, performance, and computing speed, and they’re built to last for many years, which makes them an ideal choice to purchase refurbished.

Why Buy a Refurbished Dell Laptop from Wisetek Market EU?

One of the most common reasons why customers buy refurbished Dell laptops from Wisetek Market EU is that they can save up to 50% when compared to buying brand new.

Refurbished electronics are a great way to help the environment by actively reusing devices rather than seeing them recycled, or worse, disposed of improperly.

Every refurbished Dell laptop sold through Wisetek Market EU comes with a free 12-month warranty, with extended warranty options available.

Moreover, every refurbished Dell laptop (as well as our other products like refurbished MacBooks, refurbished phones & more) has been thoroughly tested, professionally refurbished and graded according to its condition.

We categorise all refurbished products from New (best quality) to Good (shows signs of use, typically cosmetic), and clearly label every product accordingly so that customers always know what they’re getting. See our conditions guide to learn more about how we grade our products. 

Customer Testimonials

All I needed was an affordable laptop to see me through my final years at uni, and my trusty Dell served that purpose well.



Lovely Dell laptop, very happy with the purchase. Gan canny :D



I was hesitant to buy a refurbished laptop, but after doing some research, I decided to buy a Dell laptop from Wisetek Market EU. I'm glad I did, it's been working great for me.



I wasn’t sure if it was safe to buy refurbished laptops, but Wisetek Market’s warranty put my mind at ease. Writing this from my Dell laptop now, thanks!



I recommend Wisetek Market wholeheartedly. My Dell laptop arrived and worked just fine, saved a couple hundred quid too. Thank you.



Frequently Asked Questions About Dell Refurbished Laptop

Should I buy a Dell refurbished laptop?


Refurbished Dell laptops are generally a safe and smart choice for budget-conscious consumers looking for a reasonably powerful, middle-of-the-road laptop. Dell laptops tend to last from around 6-8 years on average, so keep in mind the production year when shopping for refurbished models.

Are Dell refurbished laptops worth it?


Yes, refurbished Dell laptops are a good investment for individuals in need of a decently powerful device at a reduced price. Some models such as XPS are more high-end, whilst many other models are more on the middle-end of the performance spectrum.

What are the advantages of buying a Dell refurbished laptop?


Buying a refurbished Dell laptop has a number of advantages, including the ability to save money, reduce e-waste since refurbished devices are far more sustainable than brand new, and to receive a high-quality product with good components.

Where can I buy a genuine refurbished Dell laptop?


For a number of decades Dell has excelled at direct channel sales; indeed this was a major market innovation by entrepreneur Michael Dell in the 1980s. Buying refurbished Dell laptops, however, is best done through a reputable and established refurbisher like Wisetek Market.

Can I get a student discount on Dell refurbished laptop?


It depends. Many retailers do not offer student discounts on refurbished Dell laptops, but Wisetek Market does occasionally offer discount codes or vouchers to customers that sign up for our newsletter. Generally, the greatly reduced cost of a refurbished Dell laptop is far better than what most student discounts provide on brand new purchases.

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