Protect Your Phone from Overheating & Battery Draining

Protect Your Phone from Overheating & Battery Draining

Gaurav Nagpal |

All smartphones can and will, on occasion, get hot. It becomes an issue when the smartphone becomes too hot, making it difficult to hold. Phone overheating can also cause the device to exhibit some odd behaviours. 

Fortunately, there are tips you can implement to put an end to the phone getting hot.

Possible Reasons Why Your Phone is Overheating

Almost all smartphone users have had to deal with phone overheating issues at one point or another. While this is a common occurrence, one question stands out: is the phone heating up by itself, or is a given app causing it?

Below are common reasons for phone overheating: 

1. Direct Sunlight: Leaving your new or refurbished phones in direct sunlight will lead to overheating, even if it’s only for a limited duration. With time, this can cause your battery to drain fast, leading to the emergence of other performance issues.

2. How You Use the Phone: How you use it and how frequently you do so can impact its temperature. For people who are on the phone all day, your device will generally end up overworking, leading to your phone battery draining fast.

3. Presence of Buggy Apps: Hitting your head on the table wondering the reasons for “phone getting hot?” Well, chances are that it’s running one or more buggy apps at a time. It could be because an app you frequently use recently got updated, and the latest version is causing the OS in your new or refurbished phones to overheat.

4. Faulty Battery or Charger Cable: Although it’s normal for phones to warm up when charging, phones becoming excessively hot could be due to a defective battery or charger cable.

Ways to Prevent Overheating

If phone overheating becomes a persistent issue, try closing all apps to lower the temperature. However, never put it inside a freezer or fridge, as a sudden change in temperature could cause your screen to crack.

Other ways to prevent phone from getting hot include the following:

i. Remove Its Case: A phone cover or custom skin can provide insulation, leading to heat build-up. Removing it can help your phone to cool off. Consider using the phone without the cover if the problem persists after putting it back on.

ii. Fan Your Phones: Getting some cool air on the overheating device can help to lower its temperature. Place it near the cool air coming from a fan or air conditioning unit for a few minutes and notice its temperature begin to drop.

Possible Reasons Why Your Phone’s Battery is Draining Quickly

Your phones could be draining battery fast for several reasons. Below are the top reasons for phone battery draining fast:

1. High Display Brightness: This is the most obvious reason for phone battery draining fast. Having brightness on max can seem convenient, especially when outdoors, but this can affect your battery life.

2. Running Too Many Apps: To answer your question on why my battery is draining fast? You should note that using multiple apps simultaneously can affect battery life. Apps consume power and data to update. And this is in addition to sending notifications all day long.

3. Your Bluetooth Is On: Bluetooth has many uses: from fitness trackers to wireless headphones. But while it can assist in simplifying your life, leaving it on can lead to phone battery draining fast. To conserve your battery life, only turn it on when in use; otherwise, keep it off.

Ways to Prevent Quick Battery Draining

Knowing what to do with phone battery draining fast can help reduce the number of times you charge your phone in a day. In the long run, this can assist with environmental conservation efforts. The following are tips to prevent quick battery draining:

I. Lower your screen brightness 
II. Use adaptive brightness 
III. Limit push notifications 
IV. Update your operating system regularly 
V. Reduce screen refresh rates 

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No matter how powerful the phones are, there’s always a possibility that they’ll overheat. And while phone heating up is common, there are ways to make sure it doesn’t become a bother. The tips mentioned here can prevent the phone from getting too hot.