How Refurbished iPhones Can Save Your Money and Reduce E-Waste

How Refurbished iPhones Can Save Your Money and Reduce E-Waste

Gaurav Nagpal |

If you are looking for a new iPhone, consider saving with a refurbished device. Buying refurbished iPhones helps reduce ewaste and protect the environment. Previously owned devices also cost much less than a brand new one, helping you save hundreds.

Understanding Refurbished iPhones

What does refurbished actually mean? A refurbished iPhone is a previously owned or pre-owned device. It has been thoroughly inspected and restored to an “as new” condition. This includes repairs to fix things like cracks or any faulty components. Software is also updated to ensure the device is working properly. Refurbished iPhones are also cleaned and repackaged before they are sold.

The condition of a refurbished phone varies. Some devices are new in an open box. Others are technically previously owned but have never been used. While all refurbished iPhones are fully operational, some might have more dents or scratches than others. When buying one of these devices, pay careful attention to the product description to understand the phone’s condition. 
The number and type of accessories included with your refurbished iPhone may also vary. That is why it is again important to read descriptions for refurbished phones carefully. This will help you understand which accessories come with the iPhone you are purchasing.

Cost savings with refurbished iPhones

One of the biggest advantages of a refurbished iPhone is cost savings. Since these devices are used, they are sold at a much lower price when compared to new iPhones. You can generally save up to a third of the price of a brand new phone when opting for a refurbished one. This makes it a great option for anyone on a budget. You can also still upgrade to a newer model without spending hundreds more on a new iPhone. 

You can use a refurbished iPhone with any mobile phone provider. Since refurbished phones are unlocked, you also save by avoiding costly and lengthy contracts associated with some new iPhones. This gives you the flexibility to upgrade or switch providers without worrying about breaking a contract. All you need is to insert your SIM and the device is ready for use.

Environmental Benefits of Refurbished iPhones

Electronic waste or ewaste is one of the largest growing sources of waste, and much of it is not recycled. It includes a wide range of products, from cords and plugs to electronic components and devices. These devices can include computers, tablets, mobile phones, appliances and many others.

Discarded phones and other ewaste contain precious materials like gold and silver. Many components are not biodegradable and they include potentially harmful materials, which can pollute the environment. These include contaminants like lead, mercury, thallium, arsenic, beryllium, polychlorinated biphenyls and cadmium. These materials also pose a health risk to people, including when they enter water and food supplies.

When you buy refurbished iPhones, you are helping reduce ewaste. That is because devices otherwise destined for a landfill are reused. You are also contributing to lowering the demand for new devices, which helps reduce the environmental impacts and carbon footprint of manufacturing new devices.

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When you buy refurbished iPhones, you save money and reduce e-waste. There are plenty of other benefits with refurbished phones, including being a more budget-friendly option. They are still backed by a warranty. Plus, these devices look new thanks to careful inspections and restorations carried out by skilled technicians. 

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