There are so many great reasons why you should buy a refurbished device. 

1. Everyday laptops don’t lose performance

Scientists say that we only use 10% of our brains. With this in mind (excuse the pun), you could say the same thing about our laptops or PCs. 

For many users who just send emails, search online and run programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel for college or work, you don’t actually need the latest high-spec computer. 

In fact, it would almost be wasted on an everyday user. Therefore, by buying refurbished, you are simply matching your needs to your device. And saving money.

2. Refurbished doesn’t mean old
There’s a common misunderstanding between second-hand/refurbished and old. When it comes to electronic devices, it’s human nature to want the latest product with the much-talked-about features.

However, as we sell a range of refurbished devices based on five categories, and while some of our stock might be perceived as old, we also have ‘new in open box' and new devices. Often people buy products and never use them. Technically they are second-hand or used, but when we professionally refurbish them and swap out parts if necessary, from a functional perspective, they are as good as new.

3. Positive impact on the environment and circular economy
Electronic devices contain rare earth minerals which are finite. You probably have never heard of cerium, neodymium, and terbium, but your PC wouldn’t be working without such minerals.

As they are in short supply, we need to recycle and reuse as much as possible; by buying a refurbished device, you are doing just that.

As we swap out parts when we test our refurbished devices, we’re part of a movement which is putting pressure on manufacturers to make their devices easily repaired thus stopping them from forcing people to buy a completely new device when a replaceable part fails. This commitment to the circular economy is good for the planet, and your pocket.

4. Half the cost of a brand-new home user laptop
We’re sure you know that when you drive a brand-new car out of the garage where you bought it, the car loses half of its value. Instantly!

While laptops don’t devalue that quickly, after 1.5 years, they have lost half of their value. And within three years they have lost all of their value. Therefore, if you buy a professionally refurbished laptop for your home, you can save up to 50% on a like-for-like item.

5. Up to 80% less than a brand-new business laptop
If you’re looking for a business laptop, you can save a whopping 80% on your purchase price. Why? In general business laptops suffer more wear and tear compared to regular use, and devalue quicker. 

However, once a business laptop has been tested and refurbished, from a functional perspective, it will be as solid and reliable as a new laptop – but with massive savings.

6. Proven technology that will last for years
What’s extremely wasteful about our obsession with technology is the idea that a new device is fundamentally different from older models. Of course, the latest device will have new features, but if you look under the hood, a check out the different component parts … you’ll be reminded of the old cliché the more things change, the more they stay the same!

The brands that we refurbish are not only the best in the world, but once we have tested and refurbished them, we can guarantee that such proven technology will last for years.

7. Parts always available if your laptop has a problem
You’ve no doubt heard about planned obsolescence – the idea that manufacturers make products with a known shelf life so you are forced to buy a new product within a certain timeframe.

However, when something breaks in your laptop, you don’t actually have to get a new one. It’s an old-fashioned idea, but we can fix and refurbished laptops thus giving them a new lease of life and saving you a fortune.

As there are only a limited amount of parts in a laptop, not only can we swap out faulty components, we can replace them with better, more reliable ones and so, in effect, the laptop is as good as new, or even better.

We think it’s better to change a part on a refurbished laptop, then part with your money for a new one.

8. Take control of your life - put extra money in your pocket
Ever feel like you’re taking out a mortgage when you sign that 24-month contract with the phone company? Or have you thought about the amount of extra time you have to work in order to buy the latest laptop?

When you buy a refurbished device, you are getting a great deal on a professionally tested product, and you are also saving money. And we’re not talking about small change as on a personal laptop, for example, you could save up to 50% - not an insignificant amount!

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on a new device just for the sake of it, think of what you could do with the extra cash – in ten years’ time, you’ll remember a holiday, but the only thing you’ll remember about a brand-new laptop will be the price!