Wisetek partners with Dell and Microsoft to donate refurbished laptops to Refugees arriving in Ireland

Wisetek partners with Dell and Microsoft to donate refurbished laptops to Refugees arriving in Ireland

Gaurav Nagpal |

The team at Wisetek is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Dell and Microsoft to donate 25 fully refurbished laptops to Afghan refugees that have arrived in Ireland through the Open Doors Initiative and Amnesty Ireland in Dublin. Dell will be providing the 25 laptops, which will be fully refurbished and delivered by Wisetek, while Microsoft will be donating €5,000 worth of software for the devices.  

This donation is being made as part of Wisetek’s ongoing efforts to provide support and opportunities to refugees who have been displaced since the overthrow of the government in Afghanistan. These initiatives are in line with our commitment to support those most in need, as well as our efforts to promote the Circular Economy by finding new uses for refurbished and recycled IT equipment. 

The laptops will provide the recipients with a greater degree of independence, as well as a connection to the wider world that they have lost since the outbreak of the conflict and their need to evacuate to safety.

Sean Sheehan, CEO of Wisetek, said: “I would like to thank Dell and Microsoft for partnering with us on this significant donation. We hope that these laptops will help those most in need and that greater access to technology will provide them with a variety of opportunities they would not otherwise have. This is just the latest in a series of initiatives that Wisetek has undertaken to provide aid to those affected by the crisis in Afghanistan.”

Jeanne McDonagh, CEO, The Open Doors Initiative said: “We would like to sincerely thank Wisetek, Dell and Microsoft for this amazing donation. These devices will enable the recipients to experience greater autonomy and connectivity, and will provide an important degree of comfort in building their new lives.”

Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty Ireland said: “People who have been forced to flee their homes to avoid persecution and human rights abuses need support to both rebuild their lives in safety, and to stay in touch with loved ones back in their home country. This generous support from Wisetek, Dell and Microsoft has helped our newly arrived friends study English, start work and education, access supports and services here in Ireland and to stay in touch with each other and with their families and loved ones. We are very grateful to all who donated equipment and software, it has helped immeasurably.”


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