What Is The Difference Between Used and Refurbished Tech

What Is The Difference Between Used and Refurbished Tech

Gaurav Nagpal |

Thinking about buying a new device? If you’re looking to save some cash, you might not be interested in buying a brand-new gadget. You may have heard the terms ‘used’ and ‘refurbished’ to describe second-hand devices, and although they might look similar, there are distinct differences between the two. Many people are interested in switching to refurbished products due to the economic and environmental benefits that these products provide but what qualifies as a second-hand product and what qualifies as a refurbished product is not always clear to customers. In this blog post, we will be taking the opportunity to highlight the main differences between second hand and refurbished products.  

What is A Used Product? 

Used products are pre-owned electronic products like laptops, desktops and smartphones that have been used by the original owner. In general, used products do not come with the original packaging or accessories and they can show signs of wear and tear. Used products are usually sold by individuals and as such don’t come with any warranty or guarantee. Additionally, in many cases, used products may still contain data that belongs to the previous owner.  

What Is A Refurbished Product? 

 A refurbished product, on the other hand, is a used product that has been examined by a professional company that has the necessary equipment, skills and knowledge to securely delete all the data on the device. In addition, refurbished devices are usually sold with a warranty which gives the customer additional peace of mind regarding the quality and security of the device being purchased. In essence, purchasing a refurbished product such as a refurbished tablet or refurbished monitor from an online refurbished electronics store is as good as purchasing a new product at a lower price.  

What Are The Main Differences Between Used And Refurbished Products? 

Difference 1: Product Warranty 

In general, used electronic products are sold without a warranty of any kind while refurbished items are sold with a warranty. Refurbished products that are purchased from the Wisetek Store come with a 12-month warranty as standard which means that customers can purchase with confidence and without concerns as to the quality of the product. 

Difference 2: Physical Condition 

In contrast to second-hand goods, refurbished electronic devices are rigorously checked and tested to ensure that they are fully functional and in near new condition. Any faults that have been identified during the refurbishment process are repaired to ensure that the refurbished device fully meets the user’s expectations. While minor cosmetic defaults can sometimes be found on refurbished products, any problem that can affect performance is fixed before the product is delivered to the client at a reasonable cost.   

Difference 3: Retailer 

When purchasing refurbished goods, you can be sure that the goods come from a trustworthy source. Wisetek Store is part of the global Wisetek group which has over 14 years of experience in the industry. Refurbished electronics purchased from Wisetek Store comes from a fully certified and reliable retailer that specialises in the Circular Economy. Purchasing refurbished items from a reliable retailer gives consumers additional peace of mind because there is usually a support department that can help when they are needed. 

Difference 4: Customer Support 

When purchasing second-hand electronics directly from individual sellers there is a general understanding that the products are sold without access to any after-sales support. In contrast to this, purchasing a refurbished product gives users access to excellent customer support and after-sales service. This is one of the main and most significant differences between second hand and refurbished electronics because it gives consumers peace of mind they are not purchasing a lemon. Excellent customer support is another great reason to opt for a refurbished product instead of a new or second-hand item. 

Difference 5: Cost 

Although both used and refurbished electronics are cheaper than new products but a used product can be cheaper than a similar refurbished product. However, this is just half of the story. It is important to remember that refurbished items are usually tested rigorously and they come with a warranty that backs these tests up. At Wisetek Store, we stock a wide range of refurbished products from premium brands such as Dell, Apple, HP, Lenovo and Alienware 

In addition, refurbished items are likely to last much longer than second-hand goods which means that the ecological cost of using a refurbished item is also generally lower than that of a second-hand item. When looking at all the different aspects, it is easy to see that refurbished items ultimately cost less than second-hand items and new products. 

Final Thoughts

Despite what many people may think, second hand and refurbished items are not the same. Although there are many similarities between these two types of products, refurbished items give consumers many of the same benefits as buying a new product. Some of these benefits include a 12-month warranty that comes with every product as standard as well as rigorous checks to ensure that all products are fully functional. Purchasing a refurbished product is also much kinder to the environment, and is likely to last much longer than a used product. Refurbished products extend the lifecycle of electronic products which can significantly reduce the need to produce new items, which relieves pressure on the environment.  

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