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Google Chrome is the most dominant browser on earth, thanks in part to its scalability and power. And while it boasts over 2 billion users, easily dwarfing all its rivals, not everyone is a fan, as witnessed by the large number of people researching alternatives to Google Chrome. 
Luckily, there are more than 100 alternatives to this browser for a variety of platforms, including Android Tablet, Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux. Most of its alternatives are web browsers, but there has also been an influx of Ad Blockers.

Here are the best alternatives to Chrome that you may want to consider going forward: 


Firefox is a cross-platform browser built on a custom-rendering engine, making it stand out from the other popular browsers based on Chromium – an open-source platform. Unlike Chrome, Firefox is endlessly customizable and provides numerous plugins and extensions. 
Users who opt for its Version 90 update benefit from a built-in popup blocker and real-time alerts if their emails are part of a known data breach or have gotten pawned. It also offers a picture-in-picture mode for mac users and a browser tracking blocker for all users. The Mozilla Foundation recently gave the browser a dramatic overhaul that has seen it become smoother and more stable than Google Chrome. You also benefit from Android Autofill, dark mode, desktop syncing, and better scrolling capability.

Its top features are:

  • Privacy Focused
  • Full-page Screenshot
  • No Tracking
  • Cloud Sync
  • Support for HTML5



Brave is a chromium-based browser that will provide a chromium-like experience without worrying about trackers from Google and Big Tech. You’ll love this browser because it blocks all tracking by default. 
While it does display ads when browsing, all the ads are derived from its in-house ad network, therefore ensuring that they aren’t targeted. The browser has a rewards program called Brave Rewards that lets you earn tokens for merely browsing. 
You can use these rewards for almost anything: crypto, cash gift cards; you name it. The browser will regularly offer tips to some of the best content creators, news tips, and much more as you browse. 

Some of the features you’ll love in this browser are:

  • Support for TOR
  • Cryptocurrency Rewards
  • Fingerprint Protection
  • Built-in Script Blocker
  • Earn Money by Browsing



Microsoft Edge, from Microsoft, heralds the company’s third attempt at creating an award-winning browser. Its latest release is also a push to recover the market share that its predecessor, Internet Explorer lost to Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. 
A simple look at its interface shows why it features on this list of the best alternatives to Chrome. Unlike Internet Explorer, which was built on proprietary code, Microsoft has, this time, chosen to use the Chromium open-source code.  
The browser, which is intended for use with Bing – Microsoft’s own search engine – is best for online shopping and can run on any modern phone or laptop. Please note that its premium eCommerce features will disappear when you switch to using Yahoo or Google search engines.

Its top features are:

  • X-box Streaming
  • Built-in Dictionary
  • PDF Annotation
  • Multi-touch
  • Integrated Virus Scanner



If your problem with Google Chrome isn’t privacy-based but rather the need to close it when using third-party extensions or gaming, you may want to consider Opera GX. It’s one of the best alternatives to Google Chrome and is the gaming version of Opera browser. 
GX significantly simplifies multitasking, and the best example of this can be found in the sidebar: head over to its top section and check for GX Control. The feature includes a Hot Tabs Killer function that lets you see the tabs taking up the most CPU and RAM resources.  
You can use the same feature to limit the browser’s CPU, RAM, and network usage. Under this feature, there’s another one called GX Cleaner, whose job is to display the amount of space that temporary files are taking up. Use it to remove some or all of these files.

  • Built-in VPN and ad blocker
  • RAM, CPU, and network limiters
  • Twitch and Discord integration
  • Custom themes
  • Light and dark modes 



Tor is among the most interesting alternatives to Google Chrome in 2023. It’s built on volunteer operated-servers which assists in improving their security and privacy online. Its setup prevents the sites you frequently visit from learning about you. 
Tor Browser is popular among journalists who want to communicate with whistle-blowers and NGOs whose workers need to connect to foreign networks without revealing their identity. As it continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see its impact on its ever-growing user base. 
The browser is deemed to be among the best alternatives to Google Chrome because of its distributed network of relays, which ensures that you can browse anonymously. If you would like to give it a try, the following are some of the features to look forward to:

  • Sync via the Tor network
  • Recommended for online anonymity
  • Proactive protection
  • Malicious script blocker
  • Anticensorship  



Vivaldi Browser is a product of a team of former Opera developers. It’s a chromium-based browser that has quickly emerged as a favorite with smartphone and laptop users thanks to its rich list of features. 

It comes with an easy-to-use navigation panel and other cool features, which users coming from other browsers other than Google Chrome will appreciate. Vivaldi has made it easy to tweak its customization options allowing you to change everything from how it looks to its navigation. 
If you like, you can change the history tab to showcase your browsing history in the form of a graph instead of a list, as is the case with Chrome. Furthermore, you can adjust page color schemes and fonts, pin sites to the sidebar or stick toolbars to any location you desire. 
Its top features include the following:

  • Tab stacking
  • Opera-like features and browsing 
  • Quick command panel
  • Support for chrome extensions 
  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Speed dial for faster browsing  


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