The Benefits of Buying Refurbished Laptops - Expert Roundup

The Benefits of Buying Refurbished Laptops - Expert Roundup

Gaurav Nagpal |

Buying a refurbished laptop is probably one of the most economical and eco-friendly moves you can make in the current climate. Did you know that there were nearly 58 million tonnes of e-waste produced worldwide last year alone? It’s now up to us to reduce the strain on the environment and become more conscious of our shopping habits.  

There are several benefits when it comes to refurbished laptops, and to highlight these benefits we spoke to business owners and executives from around the world regarding their thoughts on buying refurbished laptops, and there’s plenty of information to sift through.   


1. The Cost 

Refurbished laptops are cheaper, you can get your hands on a hugely powerful device for a fraction of the regular cost.  

“When many computer buyers hear the word refurbished, they think that it simply means that a refurbished laptop is the same thing as a used laptop. A refurbished computer is simply a machine that was returned for some reason, inspected, cleaned, upgraded, repaired if necessary, and resold with an extended warranty. Any data on the refurbished computer left by the original buyer is wiped. In many cases, the refurbishing process is carried out by the original manufacturer of the computer. A used laptop is just that. It’s a laptop of dubious origin that was used. It is neither inspected nor wiped and buying one is done at the purchaser’s own risk with no warranty.” Kavin Patel, Founder & CEO, Convrrt  

In some cases, refurbished units will actually go through more rigorous testing than a device that comes straight from the factory –  

“These laptops are more dependable than new ones as the seller can inform you of all the faults that are there so you can judge for yourself. This is difficult to do so when purchasing a new laptop. Additionally, a non-technical advantage of purchasing a refurbished laptop is the cheaper price tag. You can spend less and buy equipment that will serve all your purpose. The savings element is widely enticing for all parties whether it is an individual or a business.” Isla Sibanda, Cybersecurity Specialist, Privacy Australia   
“I bought laptops for my freelancers as a backup device, so they can work even if they are out of their houses or when there are problems with their home desktop setup. Obviously, I was able to save money by buying a refurbished laptop for my freelancers.   
But not just that, the laptops had fully functional testing and cleaning before they were shipped out. So, I have the assurance that they were working properly. Plus, the manufacturer gave me 1 year of warranty. Buying from the manufacturer instead of a retailer gave me added comfort as there is typically more quality assurance in the refurbishment processes.” Alec Rose, Founder, Golfible  
“A small number of customers are simply looking to purchase a new laptop and have the financial means to do so, regardless of the price. Purchasers of refurbished laptops, on the other hand, are often tech-savvy enough to want the latest technology and performance available on the market but aren't willing to pay top dollar for it. Consumers who are on a tight budget can save money by purchasing refurbished electronics, which offer superior performance at a lower price without compromising on quality. Additionally, buyers who are risk-averse and would rather not spend any money on a laptop that might or might not perform as expected may find refurbished laptops to be an appealing option to consider purchasing. Refurbished laptops are guaranteed to be functional and are an excellent low-cost alternative to new models.” James Angel, Co-Founder, DYL  

2. The Environment  

Clearly, e-waste is a huge problem, and it shows no signs of slowing unless we all make a positive change. Laptops and computers are actually filled with harmful, toxic components like chromium, lead, cadmium and various forms of flame retardants. When an old laptop gets sent to a landfill it can have devastating consequences for the surrounding environment. These harmful toxins can seep into the soil and then pass into the water table, contaminating the water and seriously damaging the local wildlife and plant life. By repairing, repurposing and reusing devices you’re slashing the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills whilst also lowering the demand for raw materials, which results in less and less mining and destruction of natural habitats whilst sourcing these precious metals.   

“Refurbished laptops are good for the environment too. Refurbishing companies take working parts from other units instead of disposing of them. If you stand for eco-friendliness, get a refurbished laptop.” Martin Luenendonk, CEO, FounderJar  
“When we buy refurbished laptops, we are giving these old machines a new life. By using these machines longer and not throwing them away, we are reducing the amount of e-waste. Some companies are also introducing campaigns where they will plant a tree for every order that is placed. These are bound to have an impact on the environment no matter how big or small it is.” Andreas Grant, Network Security Engineer, Networks Hardware  
“Manufacturing computers consume a lot of resources. Thus, buying used computers guarantees that those resources aren't wasted. In addition, you may help the environment by reusing existing equipment rather than purchasing new ones.” Steve Wilson, Founder, Bankdash
“The manufacturing of new products with thousands of different parts has a huge footprint on the environment. Not just in the manufacturing process but also in how it is transported in trucks across the country. Once the product is obsolete and you're ready to upgrade it's shipped off to a recycling site. This is to be recycled into other products, but more often than not, it gets shipped off to a developing country. This is where the problem starts. It often gets handled improperly and ends up in a landfill, open-pit mines, or burned outright by children in the country. It's best to buy used or refurbished products if you can afford it!” James Jason, Founder & CEO, Notta AI.   
Another major benefit is the environmental gain. Buying a refurbished laptop means you're essentially saving a laptop from potential waste, which considering the carbon footprint involved in creating a new laptop, would obviously be a poor environmental outcome.” Jordan Fabel, Founder, Approved Course  
“In more ways than one, you offer both the environment and the economy a breather when you choose to buy a refurbished laptop. The first advantage is that the move lowers the possibility of your purchase otherwise ending as electronic waste and polluting the environment. It reduces the demand on the assembly line, allowing for optimal usage of raw material and other associated components such as semiconductors, resources that are already in limited supply.” Richa Nathani, Content Manager, Dialed Labs  

3. Better Specifications  

For many users, high performance, top-spec machines are completely out of their price range when attempting to buy them new. For example, when buying a brand-new MacBook, you can expect to pay well over €1000, however when choosing a refurbished model, you can make savings of up to 30% - This means you’re getting a better performing device for the same price, if not cheaper, than a new machine with far lower specifications.   

“It's an absolute steal, in my opinion, because you save the environment by recycling instead of buying a new one, you get a better warranty, and the specs are enhanced. There are often misconceptions about reconditioned laptops, but trust me when I say that these deals are well worth the money” Darryl Higgins, Founder, Athlete Desk  
“Refurbished computers, on the contrary, can be found for as low as half the price of a new one. It also offers you access to previously unavailable specifications due to a lack of funds. Individuals and companies alike will benefit greatly from the savings” Steve Wilson, Founder, Bankdash  

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