Tablets on the Go: Travel Smarter With Your Portable Companion

Tablets on the Go: Travel Smarter With Your Portable Companion

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Imagine you are travelling somewhere and need quick, convenient access to a digital map you can read. A smartphone's screen would often be too small whereas tablets would offer a better view. Today, tablets for travel are a smart move for anyone who wants travel tech gadgets that are portable but large enough to use in many different scenarios. 
Many tablet apps for travellers also help people to stay connected while they're away. Read on to find out more about the myriad of advantages that modern tablets for travel afford.

The Ultimate Travel Companion

Whether you want tablet apps for travellers that help you to book into hotels while you're on the go or would like to access some entertainment, refurbished tablets have a lot to offer business travellers and holidaymakers alike. Thanks to their ease of use – with no keyboard or separate screen needed – they're indispensable travel tech gadgets for many people nowadays. Tablets for travel provide great versatility, whether for work or play. According to some recent statistics, around a quarter of adults use their tablets for a mixture of emails and entertainment. Given that all travel-friendly tablets offer this level of functionality, it's little wonder they're regarded as the ultimate travel companion.

Entertainment Anywhere, Anytime

Travel entertainment can mean being able to kill a few hours at the airport or giving something to keep the kids occupied while driving on the motorway. Travel tech gadgets like tablets provide travel entertainment in several ways. Firstly, they can have e-books and magazines downloaded onto them ready to read. You can also download some TV shows and movies from certain streaming services to watch at your pleasure, too. 
There again, with a WiFi connection, travel-friendly tablets will allow you to stream your favourite shows or even new movie releases depending on where in the world you are. Music streaming services work through tablets, as well, and many offer Bluetooth connections so you can play tunes through a wireless speaker.

Even better, there are many iPad games you can play on a tablet. Some make use of hand gestures to control and numerous titles are designed to be tablet-friendly.

Keeping You Connected

When travelling, you'll want to stay in touch with family and friends. Even a weekend away can seem a long time if you don't have the social contact that tablets for travel afford. 

Tablet apps for travellers include those for all the big social media sites, such as Instagram and Facebook, where you can share your photos and travel blogs. The ability to make video calls with WhatsApp or FaceTime is another connectivity feature of these travel tech gadgets that shouldn't be overlooked either. Perhaps more importantly, being able to access navigation aids and maps is very useful when you are out and about somewhere new.

Productivity on the Fly

If you need to work on your travels or do some domestic admin, then tablets are ideal for getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Professionals can use tablets just as easily as laptops for writing reports, generating spreadsheets or even coming up with presentation slides. Even better, you can do these things from a car or aeroplane seat without feeling uncomfortable when you're using a laptop.  

Taking hand-written notes or recording your thoughts with a sound recorder is also possible with most travel-friendly tablets, these days, too. Some people will also find they're more productive by using the many translation apps that can be downloaded for tablets, as well, ideal when travelling abroad, of course.

Travel-Friendly Features

Travellers who are weighing up whether to take a laptop or a tablet should consider how much lighter many models of refurbished tablets can be. Typically, they're more compact than traditional computers which means they can slip into a daysack or a handbag with ease, good for carry-on luggage, for example.

The long-lasting batteries you will find in many refurbished tablets also make them a sound choice. Many only need to be plugged in every few days which is handy if you're camping or in a location without mains power. With many pre-downloaded travel apps for traveller, such as offline maps, you can also use your device even if there is no signal nearby.

About Wisetek Store

Here at Wisetek Store, we have many models of refurbished laptops, refurbished phones, refurbished MacBooks, desktops to choose from. We are specialists in refurbishing all sorts of travel tech gadgets, including numerous travel-friendly tablets. Whether you are after a Samsung Galaxy Tab with a stylus for drawing or making notes, or would prefer a high-quality iPad Pro that's in mint condition with a powerful battery, we'll have something suitable.  

All of our refurbished tablets are checked for defects and come with a warranty, something you won't find from most sellers. What's more, we provide a more sustainable, environmentally friendly option compared to purchasing a new tablet to travel with.


To sum up, refurbished travel-friendly tablets have a lot to offer anyone who will be away from home for more than a day or two. These days, many people think of packing a tablet as their most essential travel item. If that applies to you, too, then why not check out our fantastic range today and find the perfect model for your travels? 


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