Should I Get a Tablet or Laptop?

Should I Get a Tablet or Laptop?

Gaurav Nagpal |

Should I get a tablet or a laptop? This question can be tricky to answer because a lot of modern laptops and tablets are somewhat similar in capability and performance. This blurring of the lines between the devices has made it possible to get our work done on a wide range of gadgets, making it harder to choose the best device for your specific needs.  

The key to choosing the right device for you is understanding the main aspects of electronic devices and comparing them with your own computing needs. In this post, we will be taking a closer look at the main differences between tablets and laptops and the benefits that each device offers, to help you make the right choice in what to buy.  

Input Method: Laptops Are More Versatile

One of the key differences between tablets and laptops is how the user physically interacts with the device. In the case of laptops, this is done via the keyboard and mouse. However, with a tablet, a touch screen is used to provide inputs to the device. While the laptop offers quicker input, especially when it comes to typing, the tablet’s touch screen interface is more compact and can be used easily when out and about. Many tablets also come with detachable keyboards, which makes it easier to enter text and it is also possible to use an external Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to enhance the input capabilities of a tablet. 

Therefore, we can conclude that if you're planning to use the device when stationary, such as at the office, a laptop would be a better choice. If you're planning to use the device on the go, however, such as when commuting or on trips, a tablet would likely be a better option. 

Cost: It Depends

In general, laptops are typically more expensive than tablets, but this is dependent on the exact models in question. Both tablets and laptops are available in different tiers and premium devices can be costly. However, opting for a premium refurbished laptop or refurbished tablet is a great way to save some money and still enjoy a great computing experience. Therefore, this category is a toss-up, and dependent on what you as a consumer are willing to spend. Whichever device you do choose to buy, you can be sure that it will not let you down. 

Premium refurbished tablets and laptops from manufacturers like HP, Dell and Apple are available at Wisetek Store at a discounted price, so you can look forward to significant savings on these models. Our range of refurbished laptops and tablets are available up to 30% less than the equivalent new model, and include a full 12-month warranty as standard with all purchases, making a wide range of devices a lot more accessible to a lot more people. In addition to saving some money when buying a refurbished laptop or tablet, you can also reduce the environmental impact that the production of new computers has and contribute towards protecting the environment in this way. 

Size: Tablets Are More Compact

In general, laptops are usually a bit larger and heavier than tablets. This is because laptops contain additional components that take up more space, such as a keyboard and a trackpad. They also include more powerful components require additional cooling, which adds to the size. In contrast, tablets are lighter and more compact than laptops. Because of their smaller footprint, tablets usually offer fewer connectivity options than laptops and they come with a slightly smaller screen. This makes them great when portability is considered. Because of their smaller size and weight, a tablet is typically much easier to carry around than a laptop, especially when travelling.

Battery Life: Tablets Will Outlast 

Tablets are designed to run on energy-efficient components, and they usually come with large batteries that enable them to run on a single charge for longer. Laptops are also very energy efficient, but because they often offer more processing power, they are typically more power-hungry than tablets and their charge doesn't last as long. Laptops, however, can often come with bigger and more powerful batteries to ensure that they have decent battery life when using demanding applications. 

The actual battery life of any tablet and/or laptop depends on the device workload. A tablet, however, can usually support up to ten hours of web usage before requiring a charge, and the average laptop only about four to eight hours in comparasion.

Storage: Laptops Have More Space

Tablets typically use SSDs or solid-state discs for storage. SSDs are lighter and faster than conventional hard drives and require less space, making them the ideal choice for tablets. Most laptops are fitted with standard hard drives which have higher storage capacity and can store more data on the device. Some laptops are equipped with a combination of SSD and HDD drives, making it possible to benefit from the speed of an SSD and the storage capacity of an HDD. Therefore, the average laptop has higher storage capalities than your typical tablet, and work just as well in terms of speed. 

With the advent of cloud storage, however, it is possible to save data to the cloud which reduces the need for onboard storage space significantly. Most users do not require vast amounts of storage space on their devices and by using cloud-based or external storage, the required storage space on the device can be reduced. 

Performance: Laptops Are More Powerful

Performance in both tablets and laptops are dependent on the specifications of each unique device, with more demanding tasks typically requiring more processing power. In general, tablets are well-suited to performing everyday computing tasks such as web browsing, sending emails, and document editing. On the other hand, laptops are generally more suited to tasks that are demanding and require more processing power. Tasks like video editing and graphic design are generally better suited for laptops, but they are equally useful in performing everyday tasks like web browsing and email. While there are a few areas in which laptops outshine tablets, when it comes to performance, most tablets are more than capable to meet the day to day needs of users.  

What Devices are Available?

At Wisetek Store, we stock a wide variety of both laptops and tablets, so you can be sure that we have the right product for you. We offer premium refurbished MacBooks and refurbished Dell laptops at up to 30% less than the equivalent new model. As we discussed earlier, when selecting a model, it is important to think about the requirements you have for the device. For example, a graphic designer might be best served by a powerful laptop such as a MacBook Pro or Dell Latitude model. If portability is especially important to you, it might be worth your while to look at a tablet such as an Apple iPad, which is the perfect device for reading, working, gaming, or watching your favourite TV shows, wherever you go. 

It is important to remember regardless of which device you choose every product from Wisetek Store has been tested, cleaned of their data, reset to the factory settings, and is guaranteed for 12 months. Our refurbished digital devices are also 100% secure as the data on these devices are securely deleted before being inspected and repaired.  

2-in-1 Devices – Best of Both 

2-in-1 devices are devices that can serve as either laptops or tablets. A 2-in-1 combines the best that each device has to offer into one device, making it a great option for users who require the portability of a tablet and the processing power of a laptop. These devices come with fully detachable keyboards and are, usually, capable of running software that is intended for use on an operating system like Windows. Wisetek Store offers excellent savings on premium refurbished 2-in -1 devices like the Dell Latitude 5285


After closely looking at the devices, it is easy to see that both laptops and tablets offer their unique plus points. The answer to the question “Should I get a tablet or a laptop?” is mainly dependent on what the device will be used for. Tablets and laptops offer similar performance in most regards and except for a few power-hungry tasks such as photo and video editing, both devices can be used equally effectively. In general, laptops are more suited to power users who need several connectivity options and perform demanding tasks daily. Tablets are well suited to those who need portability and use their devices for more general or everyday tasks such as email, document editing and web surfing.  

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