MacBook Productivity Hacks: Boost Your Efficiency and Get Things Done

MacBook Productivity Hacks: Boost Your Efficiency and Get Things Done

Gaurav Nagpal |

Many of us are predisposed to tailor the home office space to allow us to work more comfortably and efficiently. And we know this to be true because we can admit to spending countless hours choosing the office rug desk surface, among other essential accessories. 

But in the process of doing all that, we often forget to apply the same type and level of care to our MacBooks. By doing so, what we’re doing is overlooking the fact that the Mac is just as much a part of our ‘home office space’ as the traditional physical space. 
Your MacBook acts as the portal by which you get everything done, and as such, it does as much care and effort as the office space. To this end, the following is a look at the top four Mac productivity hacks to get you started configuring and optimizing it for enhanced productivity.

1. Optimizing MacBook Settings for Productivity

Mac devices are beloved in the professional community because they come with all types of built-in productivity hacks. However, not everyone knows about this, with some longtime users being unable to use some native features the way they’re meant to be used.

Fortunately for you, we have some great MacBook tips for productivity to share today: 
 Learn to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts: Every refurbished MacBook has preset keyboard shortcuts. Examples include Cmd + ` for use in switching between multiple Chrome windows and Cmd + tab to help you shift from one application to the next. You can create shortcuts by heading to System Preferences>Keyboard>Shortcuts.

 Manage System Notifications: Notifications can be distracting, especially when trying to complete an urgent task. Managing notifications in your refurbished laptops is one way to ensure this doesn’t happen. For this, you’ll need to: 

i. Head to the System Preferences section 
ii. Click on Notifications 
iii. Select the application whose settings you want to modify 
iv Choose the preferred alert style 

 Utilize Mission Control: Mission Control is a built-in app you can use to increase efficiency with Mac. It enables you to see all open windows on a single screen, allowing you to click in between them to switch apps or windows.

2. Mastering Productivity Apps on MacBook

Getting the most out of your workday involves familiarizing yourself with the top MacBook hacks for productivity. For some, this can prove challenging, which is why you should learn about the following: 

 Spotlight Search: When it comes to Mac productivity hacks, this one is a must-know. You can access it by pressing Cmd + Space bar to search for downloads, applications, documents, and more quickly. An alternative method involves using the magnifying glass situated in the menu bar. 
 Finder Tips and Tricks: For users who rely on the default Mac settings, you should know that Finder runs in the background to help you in organizing files and folders. Learning some Finder MacBook tips for productivity can significantly contribute to your workflow. Examples are:

I. Alter the way you see files and folders in Finder 
II. Customize its sidebar 
III. Change the default window in Finder 
IV. View the file path 

Mac Productivity Apps: Your refurbished MacBook will have native productivity apps you should consider exploring, such as Trello, Evernote, and Todoist. Try to find them during your downtime and learn how each works. 

3. Time Management and Workflow Optimization

Learning how to manage your time and optimize your workflow can positively impact your task(s) turnaround time and change how you approach your workday. Some of the features present in MacBooks to help with this include the following: 

 Calendar and Reminders: Try to view all upcoming calendar events as a vertical list. You’ll note that viewing them this way beats staring at the normal interface, as a simple glance can let you know what’s coming in the next few days. 

 Automating Tasks with Automator: Automator helps you to increase efficiency with Mac by learning how to write “code” without having to study programming. You can use it to create shortcuts, rename and manipulate files, or perform an action on different folder items. 

 Managing Distractions: Distractions are among the top time wasters in a professional’s life. Fortunately, it’s possible to manage them using different MacBook hacks for productivity, such as using website blockers and activating Do Not Disturb on your Mac.

4. Boosting Efficiency with MacBook Shortcuts

Did you know that using keyboard shortcuts to switch between apps, launch menus, and navigate the web feels a lot easier than using the touchpad or mouse? It’s why this guide on Mac productivity hacks couldn’t be complete without touching on the following:

i. Essential keyboard shortcuts

If you’re looking for MacBook tips for productivity, you need to learn all the essential ones, such as Command-C to copy text. Click here for more. 

ii. Application-specific shortcuts

Shortcuts tend to change from one app to the next. For example, the refurbished MacBook productivity apps for Microsoft Office may vary from those of the Adobe Creative Suite or popular web browsers.

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Learning how to become productive involves much more than managing your time wisely. It calls for you to know how to increase efficiency with Mac. For this to happen, use this guide to optimize your settings, master productivity apps, and boost your efficiency with shortcuts. The tips provided here will improve your efficiency significantly in the coming days.