How to Protect Your Data before Your Smartphone is Lost

How to Protect Your Data before Your Smartphone is Lost

Gaurav Nagpal |

Your phone is your personal assistant. It has data about your relationships, your likes and dislikes, your money and bank accounts, an account of where you have been and your future plans.

Wisetek Store offers a few guidelines to help you protect your data below.

Important Steps for Mobile Data Protection before a Smartphone is Stolen, Broken or Lost (for Android and iPhones)

Here are a few steps to protect your phone:

1. Use Passwords and Biometric Security

Use passwords for mobile data protection to prevent unauthorised access. Consider using biometric systems like fingerprint and iris scanners to get additional protection should a third-party guess or know the password.

2. Back Up Your Data On The Cloud

Google and Apple have services that enable users to back up their data in the cloud. There are also several other third parties that have data backup services. You do not know when the phone may break down or get lost. Therefore, it is important that you backup the information to ensure data privacy and easy access when you buy a new device.

3. Review The Features Regularly

Make sure to review mobile data protection features from time to time. We recommend that you change your phone password at least once every three months. This step helps deal with possible password leaks that may have happened over the period. 

Other Alternate Steps

1. Remove Any Data That You Don’t Use Regularly

Do not make your device your storage media, as data privacy may be compromised. If you have data that you do not need to run your daily life or complete tasks on your device, remove it. This may include copies of your driving licence, personal certificates and additional cards that you do not use.

2. Erase the Autofill Feature

The autofill feature makes it easy for you to fill out online forms by inserting your biodata automatically. While this feature is okay, you may end up providing more information than you really need to.

3. Activate Remote Wiping and Find My Device

Are you wondering what to do if your phone is stolen? Do not worry; you can either find your device or remotely wipe off the data. The first option gives you back ownership of the device, while the second option ensures that whoever stole your device does not access your information, enhancing data privacy. 

iOS and Google have features that enable you to find your device and remotely wipe off data if it is lost. Check for the security features and activate them now that you have the devices.

About: Refurbished Phones

If you are looking for a great phone but do not have the budget for it, you can consider refurbished phones. These pre-owned devices are in perfect working condition. Once the previous owners dispose of them, an ITAD company, ensures that they are cleaned, optimised and data erased, ready for the new owners. Therefore, they are safe to use and have access to all features available to new owners.

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Wisetek Store deals with pre-owned electronics, among which are refurbished phones. Our technicians ensure that the devices are in good working order and have all the personal data erased before they are put on sale. 

 Other services offered by our ITAD company, Wisetek include data destruction, certified recycling and hard drive destruction. If you are wondering what to do when lost phone, check our guidelines or use our services to safeguard it while you still have it with you.

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