Guide to Maintain and Care for Your Refurbished Laptop

Guide to Maintain and Care for Your Refurbished Laptop

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There are numerous general laptop maintenance tips you can benefit from but not all the guidance available deals with refurbished laptop care. When you are using a second-hand laptop, it is important to remember that maintaining it can sometimes be even more important if you want to preserve its longevity and performance. The older a laptop happens to be, the greater the emphasis you should put on maintaining it. What refurbished laptop care tips should you be paying the most attention to?

The Benefits of Choosing a Refurbished Laptop

Cost savings are one of the primary benefits of investing in a refurbished laptop. Simply put, you'll get more for your money. What's more, buying refurbished means obtaining greater sustainability since used models will have their lives extended. When you buy a quality refurbished laptop, all of the previous owner's data will be fully removed so, from a user's perspective, there is very little difference compared to purchasing a brand new model. Either way, you still need to think about maintenance.

Essential Tools and Cleaning Supplies

To look after your laptop, invest in a clean paintbrush for dusting, an anti-static wipe for the screen. A pair of tweezer is also a handy item to have to help remove trapped hair or crumbs.

Regular Cleaning and Dust Prevention

Refurbished laptop care should begin as soon as you notice a build-up of grime on your machine. Dusting with a brush or microfibre cloth is a good first step but you can help to prevent dust accumulation by not leaving your laptop out. Put it in a case or drawer when not in use.

Keyboard and Screen Care

Use an anti-static wipe for the screen and keyboard. Work in small circular motions without pushing down hard. Only clean the screen and keyboard when your laptop is switched off.

Battery Health and Charging Practices

All laptop batteries deteriorate to an extent over time. To prolong your battery life, only recharge yours once it has fallen below the 20% mark. Good battery health for laptops is also maintained by not overcharging. Once your computer is charged up, don't leave it plugged in.

Software Maintenance

Back your data up regularly. Either use a cloud account or invest in an external storage drive. Another good idea is to always prioritise software updates for the operating system. Schedule them to occur frequently.

Storage and Data Management

Use the operating system's clean-up function to help keep your files organised without taking up too much memory. Remove unwanted or unused apps.

Cooling System Maintenance

Don't underestimate the importance of cooling system maintenance for the performance of your laptop. Clean the outside of the vents to remove dust build-up. Keep your laptop out of direct sunlight and don't adjust the cooling software. Allow air to access the vents so don't place your laptop on a cushion, for example.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Windows, iOS and Chrome all provide good troubleshooting advice as a part of the operating system. Troubleshooting laptop issues can be as simple as looking up the problem from your search bar. If you are noticing a problem when booting, then open the computer's start-up menu and disable any apps that might be slowing your processor down. If the laptop doesn't power up at all, then make sure it is plugged in after allowing it a five-minute charge-up.

Warranty and Extended Coverage

Not all common laptop issues can be solved by users. In some cases, there may be hardware or device compatibility problems. If so, you will want a laptop that has been supplied with a warranty. When you buy any refurbished electronics from Wisetek Store, you will obtain a proper warranty that offers genuine consumer protection.

Recycling and Eco-Friendly Disposal

Like other electrical equipment, you are not allowed to dump an old laptop into general waste. Not only are the batteries considered harmful unless they're processed properly but laptops contain valuable precious metals, albeit in small quantities. It is always better to opt for eco-friendly laptop disposal when a computer has reached the end of its serviceable life. This is another good reason to trade your old model in when buying a refurbished laptop, of course.

About Wisetek Store

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The maintenance & care tips shared above will help you whether you are concerned with the laptop’s battery health, troubleshooting laptop issues to do with networking, need cooling system maintenance advice or simply want some go-to laptop maintenance tips. Above all, ensure you take eco-friendly laptop disposal seriously by investing in refurbished equipment that isn't just less expensive but more environmentally friendly, too.

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