5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Working on Desktop Computers?

5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Working on Desktop Computers?

Gaurav Nagpal |

Why would anyone ever use a pc for work? For many people, using a desktop for work goes against all common sense as they aren’t as convenient or portable as a laptop. Besides, a laptop does what you expect of it just fine. 

However, the good old bulky refurbished desktops still have a place for most users. Below is a look at five pc benefits, helping to highlight why you may still need to use one at home or the office. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Working on Refurbished Desktops

It’s 2023, and some people still prefer using desktops over laptops. While this may sound ridiculous, most users who prefer them to laptops value performance over portability. And this means they would rather not pay for the latter’s comparatively high price tag.
The five advantages of computers include the following:

1. Desktops are More Powerful

When it comes to the benefits of computers, and more specifically refurbished desktops, you can’t overlook the fact that they’re more powerful than laptops. Laptops have increasingly become powerful lately, but there’s a limit to what you can achieve with one.  

Using a pc for work means you can consistently expect top-of-the-line performance. Choosing to go for a laptop for the same type of performance means you’ll have to shell out much more than you’ll for a desktop.

2. Lower Pricing

While there are many benefits to using a desktop for work, pricing is one of the leading reasons. Retailers typically sell laptops at a premium due to their portability, while desktops are cheaper despite offering more flexibility, durability, and power. 
And when you combine this with other pc benefits, such as the opportunity to upgrade and repair and their increased longevity, you get to see why desktops are a much cheaper option. Furthermore, slim and mid-sized desktops that don’t take up much space are now available.

3. Easier to Upgrade & Repair

Laptops are convenient because of their portability but are problematic when you want to upgrade, highlighting other pc benefits. The fact that all you need to do to upgrade a desktop for work is to open its case and add a component is among the top benefits of computers. 

Some designs even include additional space inside the casing for such additions. Remember, all the components inside a laptop come packed against each other, causing significant restrictions on what you can and can’t upgrade.

4. Larger Screens

Laptop screens have improved in the last decade but still can’t compete with refurbished desktops. For example, it’s not uncommon to find someone using a pc for work that has around 20 inches or more, while a laptop usually has 17 inches or less.  
It’s what makes it easier to run multiple programs and tabs at a time.

5. Can Be Customised

Manufacturers today sell laptops in a wide variety of configurations. Each comes with a wealth of options in terms of RAM, processors, and SSD drives. However, you’re still limited in that you can only choose from the list the manufacturer provides. 

When you opt for a desktop for work, you get to customise the machine the way you want. It’s your chance to design a computer that fits your unique needs. And this means you get access to more pc benefits than are available on a laptop.  
Customisation ranks high on the list of benefits of computers for work.

About Wisetek Store

The Wisetek Store is a leading seller of refurbished desktops and other electronics in the UK and Ireland. We have been around for over ten years in this industry. Our main purpose is to provide customers with high-quality, durable, and reliable pc for work refurbished to “new standards.”
We ensure you’ll enjoy all the pc benefits such a device offers.

About Refurbished Desktops

A refurbished desktop for work is a pc that Wisetek has rigorously tested, repaired, and, where necessary, installed new parts. The Wisetek team cleans the device to ensure all its parts function like new, ensuring you never have to worry about performance. 

These refurbished desktops enable you to enjoy hidden or previously unknown pc benefits such as:  
• Access to proven technology that will last you for years 
• An assurance that parts are always available if the pc for work develops an issue 
• Lower pricing – they’re significantly cheaper than new devices, as seen in the benefits of computers for work mentioned earlier.  
• A chance to save up to 80% of what you would have spent on a business laptop


Portability makes laptops the go-to option for most people. But as seen here, many advantages of computers for work are largely unknown. Based on this assessment, a pc for work is the best option if looking at factors such as price, customisation, and power. 

You also can’t afford to overlook how easy it is to repair and upgrade a desktop for work!