Upgrading to a Refurbished Smartphone: Key Considerations

Upgrading to a Refurbished Smartphone: Key Considerations

Gaurav Nagpal |

Buying refurbished phones has never been easier with so many high-quality and even barely used models on the market. This is because many ITAD companies – businesses that specialise in the circular economy in the IT sector – now ensure that the security and reliability concerns of recycling used smartphones are dealt with thoroughly before such devices are sold. Find out more about refurbished phones and why choosing one for your next smartphone upgrade could be the best decision in your circumstances.

What Is a Refurbished Smartphone?

To begin with, a refurbished smartphone is best defined as a pre-owned device that has been returned or exchanged for a newer model by its previous owner. The term 'refurbished' differs significantly from 'used' in that refurbished phones are rigorously tested and restored to their original factory settings by professionals who wipe all of the old data off while keeping the phone's operating system in place.

The Benefits of Choosing a Refurbished Smartphone

There are many benefits of refurbished phones that are worth delving into a little deeper. Financially speaking, these devices are often much more affordable than their brand-new counterparts. This means that they will offer significant savings to the budget-conscious consumer even when the phone in question is relatively new and, perhaps, one that has only been on the market for a matter of months. In short, buying one means being able to get a superior model, perhaps with more memory capacity or a better camera, than would otherwise be affordable.

Technologically, refurbished phones should provide a high-quality user experience, too. This is because any potential defects or issues the previous owner may have experienced will have been rectified before resale. Another of the key benefits of refurbished phones is that they usually come with a warranty or guarantee period, at least, when they're supplied by a reputable refurbishment company, like Wisetek, of course. This is not so with the vast majority of used smartphones, however.

Environmentally, too, choosing a refurbished phone extends its lifecycle, reducing electronic waste and the demand for the production of more and more new phones. Consequently choosing one helps conserve resources and lessens the negative environmental impact, including the use of rare metals, associated with the manufacture of new smartphones.

Key Considerations for Upgrading to a Refurbished Smartphone

When you are weighing up the merits of upgrading with a refurbished smartphone, as opposed to buying a brand-new one or a used model, several factors should be taken into account. To begin with, note that these devices are typically graded based on their physical condition as well as their functionality. Understanding these various grades will enable you to assess the quality of the device you are purchasing.  

The warranty period provided is also crucial. Only consider buying refurbished phones from sellers with a robust warranty scheme that covers potential issues post-purchase. At Wisetek, all of our refurbished phones come with a minimum 12-month warranty and you can upgrade this, if wanted, as well. It's also a good idea to validate the reputation of the seller. After all, reputable sellers are more likely to provide quality products and, more importantly, honour their warranties. 
The carrier and network compatibility of the phone in question is often a vital consideration. Ensure that the refurbished device can operate effectively with your existing service provider unless, of course, you are prepared to switch. Note that some refurbished phones are locked to one network while others will function well with two or even more.  
Lastly, but equally important, is identifying your needs and preferences. Take a close look at the hardware specifications, such as the camera quality and the storage capacity. Some users may want particular software features or a specific operating system, such as Android or iOS. Your choice of phone should not only be based on price but also on what the device offers. If you don't obtain the features that are most important to you, then your new phone won't feel like an upgrade at all.

Buying Refurbished Phones From Wisetek Store

We have a vast array of high-quality and fully refurbished smartphones from all of the leading manufacturers available at Wisetek Store. You can turn to us with confidence of our commitment to the circular economy and recycling while only providing professionally refurbished and fully tested devices. Why not save money by upgrading your phone with us while also doing your bit for the environment?


At the end of the day, refurbished phones are beneficial to their owners, the environment and the economy. Buying one is now seen by many as the smart choice given how many advantages they offer. Here at Wisetek Store, we're proud of our values and how refurbishments contribute to a more sustainable planet.