Refurbished devices: Second-hand is the new first-hand

Refurbished devices: Second-hand is the new first-hand

Gaurav Nagpal |

Once upon a time, second-hand or used goods were considered second rate and inferior to their brand-new equivalents. People would turn up their noses at the thought of buying something used as though it was almost worthless. 

Back then used goods didn’t really have a marketplace apart from pawn shops or yard sales where treasure hunters could be found searching among the bric-a-brac in the hope that a little gem might be found.

Stand aside Mom and Pop!

While treasure hunters might still be found searching yard sales for a bargain, the market for used electronic devices has not only moved online but the professionals have taken over. 

Mom and Pop might have been great at selling a used sandwich maker or an old couch, but you wouldn’t expect them to be able to refurbish an iPhone and stand over a guarantee.

When it comes to devices such as smartphones and laptops, desktops, and tablets, there’s a crucial difference between the old concept of second-hand and a professionally refurbished device. 

Refurbished versus used

Let’s take an average PC. There are about 15 key parts that it has such as the motherboard, processor, memory, hard disk and chassis, among other items. Each individual part can be tested, swapped out if needs be and replaced. 

If we find a faulty processor, after it is swapped out, the PC is pretty much as good as new. 

It’s this ability to strip down electronic devices and restore individual parts that makes all the difference when it comes to the refurbished market. 

While a device might have belonged to somebody else, there’s nothing used about it. 

By looking under the hood of each device and performing our many tests, we can guarantee with absolute confidence that the refurbished device is as-new and therefore as good as one which you’d buy from the manufacturer. 

Refurbished versus new

So where does that leave the brand-new market?

What’s great about our beloved manufacturers of electronic devices is that they keep on innovating. They’re always tweaking their products, updating features, and rolling out shiny new toys. 

But they do so at a price. And frankly, it’s a price that many people can’t afford. Also, there are lots of people who don’t need the latest and greatest device, they’re happy to go with a slightly older model. 

Do you use every single little feature of each and every device that you own? Do you really need to have the latest iPhone just because it has a slightly better camera? Most people don’t and this is why the market for refurbished electronics is so big. 

Also, like the manufacturers, we stand over our devices. We not only sell the very best refurbished and tested products we guarantee them too. 

For you, the customer, it’s a win-win situation.

Join the Wisetek Store revolution!

While buying a refurbished device is good for your wallet, it’s also revolutionary. Why? 

By choosing to refurbish an existing product instead of buying a new one lessons the impact electronic devices have on the environment. 

Let’s take a smartphone. While you might marvel at the apps which grab your attention, you are also holding some of the rarest mineral resources in the world in your hands.

Copper, tellurium, lithium, cobalt … these are all rare earth minerals that are finite. Simply put, the world will ultimately run out of such materials based on our current consumption.

However, when we refurbish a smartphone, we’re reusing these minerals and not draining the earth of such valuable natural resources. 

It’s a simple yet revolutionary approach. 

We call it the refurbished revolution.