R2 Certification – Why It Is Important?

R2 Certification – Why It Is Important?

Gaurav Nagpal |

The R2 recycling standard was developed by major stakeholders in the IT products recycling industry, government bodies and government institutions with the ultimate goal of ensuring that high standards are adhered to when recycling IT equipment. Read on to discover more about the R2 recycling standard and why it is important. 


What Is R2 Certification And How Is It Obtained? 

R2 stands for Responsible Recycling Standard and it refers to a set of standards that have been developed by several stakeholders in the IT goods recycling industry. The main goal of R2 is to ensure that businesses operate according to the industry standards and that their goods recycling processes meet the standards that are set out by the R2 certification program. These include aspects such as environmental protection, the health and safety of workers, promotion of circular economy practices and the enrichment of the lives of people around the world. 


What Are The Provisions Of The R2 Certification Program? 

The R2 certification program is a broad and far-reaching program that is designed to evaluate several aspects of an IT recycling company’s activities. Some of the aspects that the R2 certification program takes into account are:


Environmental Health And Safety Management Systems: 

To qualify for R2 certification, recyclers must have a separate EHS system in places, such as ISO or RIOS. 

Reuse & Recover Hierarchy Of Responsible Management Strategies: 

In line with the ultimate goal of R2, which is to prioritise the protection of the environment, R2 recyclers must have a written policy that shows their clear commitment to promoting reuse and recovery options over options such as incineration or landfilling. Under R2 certification rules, landfilling is only allowed as an absolute last resort.

Legal Requirements: 

R2 certification looks at whether or not a recycler meets all the relevant legal requirements before they are considered for certification.

On-Site Environmental Health and Safety: 

One of the key principles of responsible recycling entails ensuring that recyclers always protect the health and safety of the environment and their staff.

Focus Materials: 

In addition to looking at the operating practices of the vendor itself, R2 certification also requires that recyclers make use of downstream providers that meet the applicable quality standards. 

Reusable Equipment and Components: 

R2 certification places a great emphasis on re-using equipment as much as possible. This means that R2 certified recyclers are encouraged to prioritise the refurbishment of goods and the implementation of Circular Economy practices instead of destructive recycling.

Tracking Throughput: 

Being able to track products as they make their way through the recycling process is vital for any company that would like to obtain R2 certification.

Data Destruction: 

The R2 certification provisions also include guidance on how data-bearing devices should be sanitised and destroyed. For example, the regulations for SSD type devices differ from those for HDD type devices.  


This provision looks at how goods are stored before, during and after the recycling process to ensure that data is always kept safe and that environmental standards are always prioritised.


Since recyclers are often required to work with sensitive data, R2 certified recyclers are required to ensure that data and devices are always kept secure throughout the recycling process.

How Did Wisetek Obtain R2 Certification?

All of Wisetek’s facilities are R2 certified and as the global leader in the IT destruction and recycling industry, it is paramount for Wisetek that all R2 certification standards are always met or exceeded. The process of becoming R2 certified is not easy and requires that a multi-step audit is performed by a SERI-approved certifying body. This audit includes several site visits, document reviews and interviews with personnel.

The R2 Certification is also re-audited every three years to ensure that recyclers continue to meet the rigorous standards. In addition to this, interim audits are performed regularly in the form of spot checks. 

Why Does Being R2 Certified Set Wisetek & Wisetek Store Apart? 

Being R2 certified gives clients absolute peace of mind that they are dealing with a recycler that is environmentally conscious and upholds the highest standards for environmental protection. In addition, R2 certification also ensures that circular economy practices are prioritised over other, less environmentally friendly, practices. In short, being R2 certified shows clients that Wisetek is committed to ensuring that the safety of client data is always prioritised and that no harmful practices are used in the recycling process.  

Why Purchasing Refurbished Devices From An R2 Certified Recycler Is A Great Idea 

Purchasing refurbished devices instead of new devices significantly reduces the strain that the production of IT equipment places on the environment and it keeps devices out of the landfill for longer. When you purchase a refurbished device from a reliable and Certified Recycling provider such as Wisetek, you can be sure that you are purchasing a fully tested and functional device that will serve you well for many years to come. Wisetek technicians are expertly trained to ensure that devices are refurbished to the highest standards and that there are no issues with any device. Multiple tests are performed to ensure that aspects like battery life, speed and security are in perfect working order before any device is shipped out. 

Go Green, Go Refurbished 

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