Mastering Mobile Photography: Tips for Stunning Smartphone Photos

Mastering Mobile Photography: Tips for Stunning Smartphone Photos

Paula Napolitano |

Mobile photography has altered the way we see the world. Nearly everyone has a high-quality digital camera on their phone nowadays, able to capture stunning imagery. However, not everyone knows the smartphone photography techniques necessary to raise their image-capturing from taking a few snaps to something more professional. This article covers numerous mobile photography tips that you can use with new or refurbished phones to great effect. Read on for some great smartphone photography hacks you can start using today.

The Power of Your Smartphone

Today, smartphone photography skills can be gained by anyone with a reasonable camera built into their device. Some of the latest Sony Xperia phones have infinite zooming functions while the iPhone 15 offers no fewer than 48 megapixels and sensor-shifting optical image stabilisation plus smart HDR functionality. Even more basic models offer the chance to improve your smartphone photography techniques with features like automatic flashing, auto enhancements and smart focusing.

Key Elements of Mobile Photography

When you take a photo, try to avoid placing the subject of your image in the centre. One of the best smartphone photography hacks is to imagine your screen being split into a three-by-three grid and then put the main thing you're shooting off-centre to frame it in a more professional way. You can later edit your mobile photography composition to further enhance it. 

When lighting an image, use as much natural light as possible. Ask someone to sit near a window for a portrait, for example. Smartphone photography techniques don't have to be high-tech, after all. When using artificial light, think about lighting from the side as well as overhead to form interesting shadows. Diffusing light through a lampshade or reflecting it off crinkled foil is also a good way to ensure your photography composition is properly lit. 
Using your phone in portrait mode doesn't just alter your mobile photography composition but will subtly alter the depth of field to make it shallower than a standard picture. Tap on your screen where you want the phone to focus. Bring something into the foreground of your chosen composition to add out-of-focus visual interest in the foreground to make what the image is focused on more compelling.

Camera Apps and Settings

Most smartphones have built-in cameras which means that they'll also come with a camera app which will allow you to add flash, extend the exposure time and focus automatically.  

You can also obtain third-party camera apps for photography if you want to take your image-taking to the next level. Camera apps for photography are available for both iOS phones as well as Android ones.

Accessories for Mobile Photography

Because many phone cameras will automatically stabilise images for you, you might think that you don't need smartphone photography accessories like tripods. However, even basic models will help you to improve the quality of your images no end, especially if you're into taking selfies which can blur if you don't have the steadiest of hands. When using your camera for capturing videos, stabilisers with a gimbal can make a huge difference. 

Many professionals also recommend using lens attachments. These smartphone photography accessories clip onto your mobile and make a significant difference to the sort of images you will be able to capture, whether you take wide-angle shots or create flare around your subject, for example. 
Bear in mind that not all of your smartphone photography skills need to rely on buying physical equipment. Many editing apps will help with blur, unwanted flare, vignetting and other post-production effects to help you raise your game. There are plenty of free editing apps as well as some more professional ones you need to pay for.

Refurbished Smartphones for Photography

Refurbished phones are just as good for photography as new models. The only difference is that they've been owned before, maybe by someone who didn't even use their device to take images with. Fully wiped with no digital trace of the previous owner, refurbished smartphones are not merely second-hand but updated with the latest available operating system.  

Buying a refurbished smartphone for photography is a good idea if you want a cost-effective option. You can obtain some very high-quality camera technology for a fraction of the price. Even better, refurbished technology is more sustainable since it extends the working life of technology and places fewer demands on the environment.

When buying a refurbished smartphone, look for a reputable seller. Ideally, you'll want a transparent pricing policy and a warranty so you are protected as a consumer. At Wisetek Store, all of our refurbished phones, refurbished laptops, refurbished MacBooks and refurbished tablets are professionally reconditioned and come with the guarantees customers are looking for today.

Tips for Shooting Specific Subjects

One of the most obvious, but not well-known, mobile photography tips for taking images of people is to put your phone in portrait mode. Doing so blurs the background which makes the person's face stand out. Adjust the exposure time and lengthen it for superior image making but remember that this will only work if the person you're taking a photo of can remain still.

When shooting a landscape, wait for the natural light to be at its best. When shooting a lake or the shore, hold your phone upside down so that the lens gets closer to the surface, capturing more refracted light.

When shooting a landscape, wait for the natural light to be at its best. When shooting a lake or the shore, hold your phone upside down so that the lens gets closer to the surface, capturing more refracted light.


In summary, using these mobile photography tips will help you to become a better digital image maker. Remember that refurbished technology is often superior to new devices for the amount you have available in your budget and that spending even a little on a few accessories can go a long way, too.