How To Increase Battery Life On iPad: 9 Easy Ways

How To Increase Battery Life On iPad: 9 Easy Ways

Gaurav Nagpal |

Although modern tablets like the iPad have a great battery life, life happens and most of us have experienced the sinking feeling that can be produced by a battery running out at just the wrong time. Tablets are great productivity devices and in recent years many people have asked themselves “Should I Get A Tablet Or Laptop?” Most tablets are comfortably capable of managing daily tasks such as email, spreadsheets and documents, which is why these devices are so popular. In general, the easiest way to keep your iPad powered up is to plug it in to charge but what happens when you don’t have electricity handy? In this blog post, we will be taking a closer look at what you can do to extend your iPad’s battery life in an emergency.  

1. Switch Off Your Wi-Fi Connection 

iPads, like most modern smart tech, love the internet and they are constantly looking for a connection. This means that even when your device is not connected to a known Wi-Fi network, it is constantly scanning for known networks in the background. This scanning can use quite a bit of battery power and by switching off Wi-Fi connectivity when you do not need to be connected, you can save precious battery power for more urgent tasks.  

2. Switch Off Your Mobile Data Connection 

Much the same as with Wi-Fi connections, most iPads perform background tasks that use cellular data and battery power when they are connected to the internet. Switching off your mobile data connection effectively disconnects your iPad from the internet so the device cannot perform these background tasks, which results in longer battery life. However, remember that you cannot receive emails or texts while your device is disconnected so this option only works when you can work offline.  

3. Disable Fitness Tracking 

Fitness tracking helps to keep people motivated to exercise and stay fit but many of us already have a smartwatch or fitness tracker for this. By switching off the fitness tracking feature, your iPad will not need to use its GPS and other sensors to track your activity. This can result in significant battery savings.  

4. Disable AirDrop 

Apple iPads are jam-packed with useful features that are designed to make it easier for people to connect and share files. AirDrop is one of those features and it uses wireless communication to share files between devices. By switching off this feature, you can save a bit more battery power which will give you a few minutes more to get your work done in an emergency. In addition to saving battery power, switching off wireless file sharing is also a good way to protect your device against hackers. 

5. Switch Off Background App Refresh 

iPads are designed to make our lives easier, and the nifty background app refresh function is one of the ways to do that. By recognising how and when you most often use your device, your iPad can refresh certain apps in the background so that they are always ready when you want to use them. Background app refresh can update apps like news and social media automatically but to do this, battery power is required. If you need to save as much battery power as possible, you can temporarily switch this feature off. 

6. Switch Off Photo and Video Uploads 

iPads can help people by automatically backing up photos and videos to iCloud. This means that whenever the tablet detects a new photo or video, it uploads that photo to the cloud so that there is always a backup of important files. However, this function also uses data and can cause your battery to run out quicker. Switching automatic uploads off is another simple way in which you can save battery power. 

Another very convenient function, Handoff makes it possible for you to start composing a message or answer a call on one device and then switch to a different device. For example, you can start composing an email on your refurbished MacBook and then switch to your refurbished phone when you need to leave your desk. Handoff makes it easy to start something on one device and carry on using another device but this function does use a lot of battery power and disabling it can be quite helpful when you need extra juice.  

7. Switch Off Automatic Music and App Updates 

Having the latest data available on your iPad is always great. In general, iPads automatically update data such as email to keep you in the loop constantly. However, this function can, and does, use a lot of battery power. Switching off the automatic update feature can help you to work for a bit longer when you need it most.  

8. Switch Off Location Services 

Many of the applications on your iPad make use of location services to give you messages that relate to your current location. While this very convenient function makes life easier, it can be a drain on battery power. Location services use the iPad’s internet connections and GPS to determine your location and send you customised alerts and by switching this feature off temporarily, you can expect to see a significant increase in battery power. 

9. Switch On Auto-Brightness 

iPads are clever devices that can adjust to their surroundings automatically. One example of this is the screen brightness which uses an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness based on the amount of light the screen is being exposed to. By switching this feature on, you can ensure that your iPad always uses the brightness level that it needs. The screen is one of the largest consumers of battery power and using a lower screen brightness can dramatically increase battery life. 

To Summaries 

Keeping your iPad charged and ready to go is always a good idea, but we are human, and we do sometimes forget to charge up our devices. The above tricks make it possible for you to extend your iPad’s battery life to the maximum possible by switching off unneeded wireless communication devices and using as few system resources as possible.  

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