How to be a Sustainable Consumer this Earth Day - 5 Tips

How to be a Sustainable Consumer this Earth Day - 5 Tips

Gaurav Nagpal |

Earth Day takes place on the 22nd of April every year and stands as a reminder of the ecological challenges the earth faces and the urgent need to do more. This day is meant not only to celebrate the diverse ecology of our planet but also to raise awareness of the need to protect it. As years went on, new and modern challenges have been added to the list of threats that the planet faces. A major issue that has developed in recent years is consumerism, led heavily by society’s obsession with the latest tech gadgets. This has led to an e-waste crisis, which can cause irreparable environmental damage if not addressed soon. 


In this blog post, we will be taking a closer look at some easy ways we can become more sustainable consumers this Earth Day 2022 and protect our planet from the harmful effects of mass production. 


Extend the Useable Life of your Electronic Devices 


Electronic gadgets like tablets, laptops and smartphones have become everyday essentials for most of us, but their production and disposal contribute heavily to ever-increasing pollution levels. Every electronic device has a usable life, and the production stage of this lifecycle is where the most negative environmental effects occur. This means that when devices are used for longer, their overall carbon footprint is reduced, which is great news for the environment.  


We often unnecessarily replace our digital devices long before we need to in favour of a newer version, believing that they are fundamentally different from older models. Of course, the latest device may have some improved features, most of the components are the same! Our customers are often surprised to learn that one of the main issues people have with their laptops and MacBook's is related to the battery life of the device. One of the main questions we get from consumers is how can they better protect their battery life of their device, and the answer is very simple: Turn off your device correctly before you finish using it for the day. Do not simply close the laptop shut when you are finished using it for the day; instead, select the 'Shut Down' option from the device's 'Power' menu to power your device off (or put it in sleep mode if you intend to return to your desk in a few hours). This will help to protect the quality and longevity of your device's battery. 

By replacing devices only when it is essential to do so, and using cases and sleeves such as the  Brenthaven MacBook Bag/Google Bag or the  Dell Premier Sleeve to protect your devices, you can easily reduce the levels of e-waste you’re producing and take great strides towards being a more sustainable consumer.  

Upcycle and Recycle Tech Devices Whenever Possible 

As much as we can try to protect our devices, we will inevitably need to replace them at some point. When this time comes, we must recycle these devices correctly instead of just throwing them into the general rubbish bin. Every year, Irish businesses and households generate an estimated 14 million tonnes of e-waste. Many of these devices end up in landfills instead of being correctly recycled, which is extremely damaging to the environment. Electronic devices often contain hazardous chemicals and components that can contaminate soil and even groundwater reserves if they are not disposed of correctly.  

Fortunately, most of our electronic devices can be upcycled or reused instead of being thrown into a waste bin. By correctly disposing of our unwanted tech at reputable recycling facilities, we can greatly reduce the levels of e-waste being created. Our parent company, Wisetek, are Circular Economy pioneers, and adhere to the strictest environmental protection policies when disposing of redundant IT assets. Ourcertified recycling facilities and processes are OHSAS, R2 and e-Stewards certified, and we comply with all the relevant ISO certification requirements.

For end-users, many stores that sell laptops and other electronic devices provide e-waste recycling services free of charge and sometimes offer trade-in options for your device!

Opt for a Refurbished Device this Earth Day 

If you are in the market to buy a new electrical device, why not opt to buy a refurbished one instead? By choosing to buy a refurbished product, you’re preventing e-waste from ending up in landfills while ensuring that the Earth’s precious resources are being reused. Not only that, but refurbished devices are much more affordable than the equivalent new models, meaning you can save some cash while protecting the planet 

At Wisetek Store, we stock a wide range of refurbished devices from reputable and well-known brands such asDell, Apple, Alienware and Lenovo, with product savings of up to 30% less than the equivalent new model. All our refurbished devices at Wisetek Store have been rigorously tested, repaired where necessary, and cleaned to ensure that they function like new. All our products also include a full 12-month warranty as standard, with an extended warranty optional 

One of the biggest favours you can do the planet on this Earth Day is buying a refurbished device instead of a new one. However, the benefits go both ways, and you too will enjoy having a premium device without needing to pay a premium price for it. Products such as refurbished laptops, refurbished MacBooks, refurbished phones, refurbished desktops, refurbished tablets and more are all available on Wisetek Store, meaning there is something for everyone in the refurbished IT market.  

Packaging Plays an Important Role 

Being a responsible and eco-conscious consumer doesn’t stop at just buying a refurbished device but also includes paying attention to other small details such as packaging. Besides redundant IT equipment, plastic is another major polluter. The ever-growing levels of plastic waste are slowly suffocating the planet and our oceans, with single-use plastic packaging one of the biggest contributors to plastic pollution. Unfortunately, many tech devices are packaged in this type of packaging material.  

At Wisetek Store, we do our bit for the environment in more ways than one, including using packaging that is not environmentally destructive. For example, using biodegradable and FSC certified brown paper packaging instead of plastic can reduce the levels of plastic packaging pollution significantly. Take a look at our blog post ‘Boxing Clever: Why Brown Is The Most Sustainable Packaging’ for more information on the benefits of our packaging choice.  


Check out our wide range of premium refurbished devices at  Wisetek Store, and treat yourself this Earth Day in a sustainable way!