Drain Nation: 5 Apps That Are Killing Your Battery Life

Drain Nation: 5 Apps That Are Killing Your Battery Life

Gaurav Nagpal |

Let’s face it; life is short and complicated. It’s also sensitive and comes with tons of surprises that can sometimes prove to be a nuisance.

To help clarify matters, we are talking about your battery life! Today, it’s a well-known fact that phone batteries die fast due to certain apps that tend to drain batteries fast.

The reality is that these apps are not much different from double-edged swords. They will help you achieve a certain purpose but will, in return, end up harming your battery.

It’s the sole reason why a typical refurbished phone from the Wisetek Store may fail to hold onto a charge for more than 24 hours without a recharge. Speaking of Wisetek, what is it?

The Wisetek Store

The Wisetek Store aims to give its customers access to affordable, high-quality, refurbished phones and tablets. Their phones are reliable and set to an “as a new standard.”

Besides providing refurbished devices that are more sustainable than new ones, Wisetek also stands by its 0% landfill policy. It’s a policy that ensures that all its devices are either:

  • Repaired
  • Refurbished
  • Or recycled. 

With over 14 years of experience in this sector, Wisetek has seen it all. Below is a look at its list of 5 battery life draining apps every refurbished tablet owner ought to know.

1. Snapchat 

Snapchat is among the power hungry apps that every phone owner should know about, especially when it comes to power management. It’s an app that has no mercy on your battery life.

Its notification service will ensure that your phone remains busy all day while sucking the juice out of it. And what about its real-time location services?

Though it’s possible to enable or disable this service, the app needs it to monitor your location. However, it tends to drain the battery fast because it has a camera app and video story function.

You can conserve power by avoiding this app altogether. If you’re a Snapchat freak, the most sensible thing to do is to disable the live location feature.

Another tip is to turn off all unnecessary notifications. Notifications that fall under this category include random and wake screen notifications.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of those apps you’ll find yourself using every once in a while, regardless of whether you’re using a phone or a gaming laptop.

But as helpful as it is, it can also cause untold harm to your battery. The app requires vast data to render accurate location data and run properly.

It’s why it drains the battery so fast. Fortunately, it’s possible to limit the amount of power it uses up by doing a few things.

I. Stop the app from updating itself when you’re not using it

II. Adjust the location feature and turn off the GPS mode 

You can adjust the Google Maps settings on your device by following these steps:

I. Go to settings and scroll down to “Google Maps.”

II. Click on Location and decide between: 

a. Never 
b. Ask Next Time 
c. While Using App 
d. Always

III. Once you have made changes to the Location settings, head over to the top left section of your screen and tap on Google Maps, make sure to select Notifications.

IV. Toggle Allow Notifications Off to prevent the app from sending unnecessary notifications to your phone.

3. Netflix and YouTube

Coming a close third on the list of apps that drain your battery the most are Netflix and YouTube. These two are video apps, which is why they consume a lot of power.

Netflix takes the mantle among the two in terms of power consumption. It displays the video and sends the device many notifications to ensure the screen remains awake.

Regrettably, it’s impossible to conserve your power when using this particular app. The much you can do is attempt to watch your preferred movies on a laptop device instead of a phone.

On the other hand, YouTube is probably your go-to app for listening to music. The same holds for a majority of phone users who can spend hours on this app on any given day.

It could also be that you use it to check on football odds while watching cricket highlights. Either way, this is one app that will drain your power in no time.

Luckily, it’s possible to place a limit on YouTube. By doing so, the app will send you a reminder every time you need to take a break from the small screen.

4. TikTok

TikTok has quickly risen to become the leading short video format platform. It mainly has a large following among teenagers, celebrities, and content creators.

Its surging popularity has seen it reach over 1 billion users in the shortest time, easily surpassing Instagram and YouTube. However, this comes with an inconvenience -- it drains the battery fast.

Because of its built-in video feature, TikTok often uses a combination of display, internet, audio, and camera. These features combined make it similar to Instagram or Snapchat.

Additionally, it also displays a lot of notifications causing it to use up a lot of power even when running in the background.

Limiting app brightness and turning off notifications can assist in reducing the amount of power it uses up.  

5. Facebook

Facebook is by far the most prominent social networking app in use today worldwide. While there’s a chance that you rarely use some of the apps mentioned in this list, chances are that this app came pre-installed on your device.

The app is convenient as it helps you to keep up with what’s happening around you. But this comes at a cost, as it drains power too fast.

It’s one of those apps that has a notification service, runs in the background, sync contacts and updates, and has lots of running background services. From the looks of it, the app sounds like a nightmare.

Fortunately, it has a fix. You can: 

I. Turn off all its notifications from inside the Facebook app 
II. Limit the number of times you use the pre-installed app 
III. Restrict background data

All three solutions are valid and will work well on any phone. Users using Android devices can check whether the version on their phones allows them to manage permissions individually.  


These five apps listed above are the ones that the Wisetek Store has identified as the ones that drain your battery life fastest. However, they aren’t the only ones, making it necessary for you to check for and uninstall unnecessary apps on your device continuously.

Adjusting the notification parameters, location services, and background processes can significantly enhance your battery life.