Buying Refurbished Electronics Online? - 5 Things To Know

Buying Refurbished Electronics Online? - 5 Things To Know

Gaurav Nagpal |

06/01/2022We live in a world where laptops, tablets and smartphones have become essential tools in our everyday lives, and most of us wouldn’t be able to manage without them. However, tech can be costly, and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the cost of the latest devices. In addition to the financial cost, the production of tech devices can also be damaging to the environment. Opting for refurbished devices instead of new ones can provide a clear solution to both these issues.  

It's very important that before you decide to purchase refurbished electronics online, you take into account certain factors that may impact the devices’ overall performance and your buying experience. Read on to discover more of the advantages of buying refurbished electronics online and what to look out for when choosing to go down the refurbished tech route. 


Not all product restorations are alike, and it’s important to know that your product was refurbished by a reliable tech company. Our parent company, Wisetek, is a global leader in electronic device recycling & refurbishing and Circular Economy pioneers. Wisetek’s services are globally recognised, and they promote sustainable and eco-friendly computing through the sale of refurbished electronic devices. Wisetek owns and operates several fully certified recycling facilities across the globe and these facilities are responsible for the secure data destruction, recycling or repurposing of electronic devices. 

To this end, Wisetek launched Wisetek Store, which was created to give our customers access to high quality, reliable and affordable refurbished devices. We also stand by our Zero Landfill Policy, ensuring all materials received are either repaired, refurbished, or recycled. All the products available on Wisetek Store have been rigorously tested, repaired where necessary, and cleaned to ensure that the device functions like new. 


When buying refurbished electronics online, it is important to check what is included with the product. For example, some devices might be sold with the original charger and power cable while others may include only a charger and no power cable. The accessories that come with the product are usually listed so that customers know exactly what is included in the box. Products that are not shipped with extra accessories usually come with a lower price tag than models that come with all their accessories, so the price is a good indicator of whether or not accessories are included with the device. 

We offer a wide range of accessories on our website, including keyboards, power adapters and headphones, so you can be assured that you have everything you need for using your refurbished device.  


Naturally, all refurbished devices should be of high quality and in full working order and therefore be sold with a warranty that confirms this. At Wisetek Store, all products are sold with a standard 12-month warranty, which covers any defects and gives customers the confidence to purchase refurbished electronic devices without stress. While this warranty is generally standard and is offered by most reputable eCommerce companies, we are so confident in our products that we go the extra mile by offering extended warranty options of +2 years and +3 years. This gives consumers, particularly consumers who may have damaged their laptops or phones in the past, some extra peace of mind.  

In addition, a 14-day right of return is also included with every purchase. This means that customers have 14 days after purchasing a product to make sure that the product is right for them. If for any reason, the customer decides that the product they purchased doesn’t meet their expectations, they have the right to return the product for a full refund within these 14 days 


No two refurbished devices are the same. These products are, after all, used products and that is what makes them so unique. The condition that the product is in will be the biggest determiner of the price it is sold for. Wisetek Store categorises products into five different categories based on the cosmetic condition that the product is in: 

1. New 

2. New in Open Box  

3. Excellent   

4. Very Good  

5. Good  

Products with fewer cosmetic defects fall into a higher grade and carry a higher price tag, but even these products are available for significantly lower prices than comparable new models. Remember to note that regardless of the category your chosen product falls into, every device from Wisetek Store has been tested, cleaned of their data, and reset to the factory settings 


It’s important to check the exact shipping and return terms before purchasing refurbished electronics online to ensure they will arrive on time. All orders from Wisetek Store leave our facilities within 24 hours of purchase, with 2-day express delivery available across the EU. As we are an Irish company, there are no customs fees or charges for any orders placed within the EU.  

If you need a product delivered within a specific time frame it might be wise to check if the seller offers express delivery options that would allow you to receive your order as soon as possible. For more information on Wisetek Store’s shipping and returns policy, please see the Shipping & Returns section of our website.  


Purchasing refurbished electronics online is a great way to save some cash and stop a device from going into a landfill, however, you should never go into any purchase blind. Buying from a reputable company like Wisetek Store will ensure that you’re getting a premium device that’s built to last and at a great price.  

Why not browse through our wide range of premium refurbished devices on Wisetek Store, which is kinder to both your pocket and the planet. With a wide range of devices available, including refurbished laptops, refurbished tablets, refurbished phones and refurbished MacBooks.